Rules In ENG. General Judging Criteria

Competitors will be judged on the following criteria:
We have wondered many times about how the score comes out eventually drifting into the tournament and what are the criteria by which an appraiser will stand the best 16 and then through the double battles will result in the most impressive of the day. We have, then, and say, the event consists of three main components. In the first part of the technical inspection performed, as well as the knowledge and the briefing of drivers.

In the second leg Drivers 3 qualification rounds where graded and keep their best pass to get the 16ada. In the third, main and final leg of the 16 Pro pass in battle, or else Tsuiso battles.

In these battles will come in pairs as follows: the first to the 16th, the second on the 15th, the third on the 14th and so on. In the end, it emerged as the most spectacular driver of the event and will share the points for drivers. At the end of the season, the driver will collect the most points will be the winner of DriftWars. The arbiter of DriftWars enjoys 2-3 spotter which aid and using a radar speed collect data from each pass and under these achieve more accurate scoring of passages.

The scoring criteria are:

1. Input Speed ​​in Turn
The input speed to turn a piece easily judged with a radar gun speed.

The speed plays a big role for the judges, because the degree of difficulty increases as Drift reactions should be even more instantaneous and there will also judge the flow will follow the other driver vathmologisima pieces!

2. Skid row
Another thing to look at the judges is how good the line can get a driver on the turn. The high score is achieved when the face of the car is very close to the apex and the tail facing the outer side! This will show the capabilities of the driver controls the car's path alongside driftarisma and will give him enough points!

Moreover, should the car rests on the "racing" line requested and often defined by the clipping points

3. Angle of sideslip
The sideslip angle is defined by the degree to get the car in relation to the flow of the track. This means that as the tail of the car is at a steep angle (without loss of control), the more points you get the driver.

Furthermore, the angle must be constant and the car "breaks" abruptly at the entrance. At this level and take into account the transfers weight because it is so violent as to help a high score.

4. Presentation
Although the judges score drivers on the above, there is also an important criterion in the presentation! This is often something extra that can make the car eg very smokiness from the tires or even the big horsepower that will attract the attention of the judges.

On the other hand, something that can also pull them attention, are the driving skills of a driver when a weak car manages to faithfully follow one stronger.

5. Negative factors that work to Rate!
As there are so positive and negatives in one event DriftWars! If a driver in an attempt to bring one face-y-cleared immediately! The break-in pantilikia straight is a good reason to lose some points!

The "face" or even an instant blowback that would spoil the flow of skidding even changing direction, may clear a passage. The latter should be emphasized especially after drifting that starts after the apex does not "matter."

The more shot before the car is, the higher score will distract. The correct passage should have a maximum slope before the clipping point. For this you will notice that the first violent shrinkage are sometimes even using the handbrake.
All these are the criteria to get out the results for the preliminary runs made by each driver separately and graded on a scale from 0 to 100!

Tsuiso Battles
Tsuiso battles is the Japanese word for "one to one battle." In these battles every couple makes two passes. A total of 10 points shared in 2 cars. Ie each passage we can score from 10-0 to 5-5. At first, a car sits in front and in the second the same passes back! If battles are cumulatively equal value, then the judges refer to "Sudden Death", ie made another set of passages (2) until a winner!
The grades are almost double in the same way and scored the solo but there is a logic behind them:

Car attacker!
In the battles with the couples, the attacking car chase is one that is behind this! The aim of the car is to cause the front to get a dead zone, pushing him. We follow very closely driftarontas constantly passing over the correct lines and clipping points. Moreover, it should as far as possible, to control the flow of the car in relation to the front and not influenced by any mistake and to "steal" so as many points as possible.

Defender Car!
Where a driver is in front Tsuiso battles, the ideal strategy is to Driftarei the highest speed, the ideal line and the largest angles of the aggressor driver.

The aim is to lure the attacker adigo at their own pace and to distract the attacker eg driving high input speed or sudden twisting or shrinkage in the smoke making him lose them and straighten or to follow the wrong line!

SOS - Overtaking and Conflicts
In case the attacker succeeded guide and find fault lines opened by the defender and pass, you must complete the quest net without being touched (ie be guilty of a conflict). If you are not sure this is preferable to hold back because otherwise you will lose all of their points. This will happen in any case of conflict, but they pass straight. He who loses is the one that causes the rerouting of the other, from the moment and the other driver has a clean line and has not committed any mistake! Namely, the back should tithasepsei the power of the car, so as not to collide with the front and the changed path. The front again if it goes too slowly on the turn or spoiled by driving the wrong flow and cause him to fall back on it, zero!

At the end of each event the score is as follows: 20 points corresponding to the first and will be reduced by 2 for each position below (the second 18, third 16 ... 10th 2). From positions 11 to 16 all get 1 point. Should someone get excellent 100 in solo passage, automatically gets 1 extra point.

So this is the way he scored the drift and of course this must be everyone's mind in order to understand the battles of skidding top league in Greece!

Allowed cars



Γ) LX4 (LX4)

Δ) LX6 (LX6)


ΣΤ)FZ50 (FZ5)

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